Gravel Products

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We have access to other sizes of gravel besides the ones listed, and we can also pick up gravel from other pits in the area and deliver it to the customer. We sell to everyone, not just contractors. We have also started helping customers do the grading work on their driveways. We have several pieces of equipment that we use so pricing varies based on the amount of work a customer needs. We have many years of experience doing excavation and grading on very large commercial projects. We are not just the average Joe that doesn't really know how the water is going to affect your property.

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3" Inch Rock

3" rock is used for landscaping and is mostly clean with very little dirt.


6" Inch Rock

6" rock is also called rip rap. It is mainly used to control storm water, line ditches, line the outside of property, etc...


6" - 12" Inch Rock

6" to 12" rock is also called rip rap. It is mainly used to control storm water on property, the larger rocks are widely used for landscape decoration.


Engineered Fill

Engineered Fill is used mostly for house pads, or anything that you need very clean uniform size dirt that compacts well. It is made from the material we screen in the yard so it is free of debris, rocks, etc. We have lab testing on this material so it can be used for technical work like house pads.


Road Base

Road Base comes in three sizes. 1" minus, 3/4" minus, and 1/2" minus. It is used for roads or driveways and compacts well. Our material is native, meaning it comes from our yard where we are screening material. It is not crushed but it compacts well.