Enviroworks LLC Landfill project


Serving New Mexico Since 1999

  • How big of a project can your company handle?

    We have the right people, equipment, knowledge and bonding capability to do any size of a job from small driveways to multi-million dollar projects.

  • What size equipment does your company use?

    It depends on the size of the job, and where the job is located, but we have our own equipment as well as a long term relationship with an equipment rental company that allows us to use a variety of sizes of equipment. From a backhoe to a CAT992 Loader, we are equipped to handle any size project.

  • Can your company transport equipment for other companies?

    Absolutely! We have a transport truck with the Authority and Insurance to transport equipment for other companies. Just give us a call at 505-286-4891 and we will be happy to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.

  • Figuring cubic yards of gravel to cover a given area?

    First you decide how deep you want the gravel. A good rule of thumb is 4" deep. You would multiply the length times the width of the area, multiply by .34, and divide by 27. That would give you the approximate amount of material in cubic yards you need to cover an area. For example: An area is 10 ft by 100 ft. The formula would be (10 * 100 * .34) divided by 27 = 12.60 cubic yards of material.